Scientific Session Topics

Ecology of maize pests and implications for their sustainable management

Ivan Hiltpold, USA & Stefan Toepfer, Switzerland

Genomic and transcriptomic research applications in corn pest insects

Nick Miller, USA & Brad Coates, USA

Environmental Risk Assessment of Insect-Resistant Genetically Modified Maize

Rick Hellmich, USA & Wang Zhenying, China

Role of genotype by environment interaction in understanding innate resistance to maize pests

He Kanglai, China & Ni Xinzhi, USA

The evolution of resistance to insecticidal toxins by insect pests of maize

Aaron Gassmann, USA & Brad Coates, USA

Migratory pests of corn

Xingfu Jiang, China & Tom Sappington, USA

Regional suppression of lepidopteran pests by Bt corn

Galen Dively, USA

New research in rootworm basic biology and potential applications

Bruce Hibbard, USA & Kent Shelby, USA

New generation traits for management of maize pests

Zhao Joe, USA & Amit Sethi, USA

Biological control of maize pests

Dirk Babendreier, Switzerland & Zheng Li, China