How to get to the Friendship Hotel

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In the following text you find some guidance how you could travel to the Friendship Hotel after arriving at the Beijing International Airport. Please print this document out as you most probably need to show the address in Chinese to the local taxi drivers if you like to follow this option. However we have also arranged other transfer options for the IWGO participants in case you find these more convenient.

Friendship Hotel (北京友谊宾馆)
Address: No.1 South Street of Zhong-Guan-Cun, HaidianDistrict, Beijing
Hotel telephone: +86-10-68498888
Emergency contact number: Jingjing WANG, CABI +86-136 0127 5827

You have the following options to reach the Friendship Hotel after arriving at the Beijing International Airport. Please be prepared that traffic in Beijing can be extremely busy at rush hours:

Option 1: Public Taxi

Please follow the “Taxi” signs in the Arrival Terminal (most of the international flights are arriving in Terminal 3) to the lower level and queue up to get a taxi. Show the taxi driver the address of the Friendship Hotel. Ensure that the taxi driver uses the meter so that you are able to follow the prize. At the end of the trip you should expect to pay around RMB 120 to 135 plus RMB 10 charge for the express highway. You must pay in cash and you could add 10% tip (normally not required but well received by the driver). Please note: When arriving at the airport, keep away from taxi or black taxi drivers who approach you in the terminal or outside the terminal as they will ask for much more than the actual price.

Option 2: Private Limousine service of the Friendship Hotel

Please use this option if you like to take it easy after your arrival – it is for sure the most convenient way of reaching the Friendship Hotel but more costly. When you book this option a chauffeur service from the Friendship Hotel will wait for you in the arrival hall with a sign and your name on it. There are different rates: (1) pay the driver directly then you need to have cash money (RM 350); and (2) costs will charged to your room (RMB 400) and (3) if there is more than one arrival at the same time we can group several guests and use a van (prize will be communicated when we are able to compile groups arriving with the same flight - participants have to pay in cash).

What do we need from you until 2 April 2017?

If you decide to use one of the transfer options as above, we need to have the following information:

Option 3: Subway

Please consider this option when you are familiar with the public transport systems. Actually this option is good as you can avoid the heavy traffic in Beijing! Please follow the signs to the Airport Express train. Prior entering the platform please organize a ticket for the train or obtain a daily pass. There is a ticket office available but please be prepared to pay cash.

Airport Express T2/T3 -----
Line 2, Get off at Xizhimen station西直门 ----
Line 4, Get off at Renmin University Station人民大学(Exit D)-Walk to hotel about 280m

Friendship Hotel - Location Map

How to get by foot to the National Agricultural Library (our conference location) from the Friendship Hotel?